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CBA officially launches Startup2Startup in India

Kaushal introduces the India Launch of Startup2Startup

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CBA officially launched Startup2Startup in India on 16th January 2015 at Taj Lands End with a mix of select 50 entrepreneurs and investors. The theme of the evening was Building Value to Exit and the event took off with a Panel Discussion on the subject, followed by Round Table Interactions between the audience.

Akash Sureka (Founder & CEO of Hoopz Planet Info), who exited to Persistent Systems, set the tone of the panel discussion by sharing his journey. “What I have always believed is – what you start, defines your exit. For me, it was clear that we  wanted to build a great world class global product which could be used to  build, in the longer term, a multi-billion dollar business by may be another bigger competitor player”. He added, “For many entrepreneurs, what matters is whether they choose to build a great company or a great product to nail down vision in right ways and plan for future on that vision with stakeholders involved”. While speaking on the apt timing for an exit, Kaushal Chokshi, Chairman of the Scaale Group and one of the panelists for the evening shared, “The timing of exit and market in which the business is operating, defines the value which can be unlocked by the entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur in an extremely competitive market should look at exiting sooner”.

The Panel also featured David Costa, CEO, Everis UK, who had travelled from London for the evening. On investing in an exitable venture, David Costa said, “As an investor, you should know where to invest. link directory You plan not the exit, but the resources that you need to make it happen (sic). As a mentor to early stage ventures, what I look at is, ‘If they like what they are doing and they understand the market”. Nived from Pearson Affordable Learning Fund (PALF), which invests in innovative EdTech companies that are affordable to the large mass, gave a fund’s perspective on exit, “From our perspective, we are a long horizon fund, 5-7 years, so it’s more the idea/ technology/ entrepreneur/ team that we invest and back. We focus on strategic investments and, when the fund invests in ideas or at seed stage, we first allow the venture to reach a specific stage and then look at the roadmap towards exit”.

Post the panel discussion, the audience at the round tables deliberated on angel investment practices that have evolved from the West and how they are becoming increasingly exit oriented.

Manish Shah, Founder, Big Decisions that exited to News Corp recently, shared the importance of tying up with the right partners, “The right strategic partnerships go a long way in deciding the fate of a venture, for the investors & potential acquirers too”. Arvindra Kanwal, Co-Founder, Bindaas Party believed that the focus should be on building value and exit follows naturally, while Ruchita Dar Shah of First Mom’s Club felt that the focus should be on building the correct product. Global applicability would then depend on the nature of the same.

The experience was refreshing for startups who were at the growth stage & for angel investors, new to the ecosystem. Satellite maps Gaurang Chandarana, Co-Founder at 14 Squares, shared “Everybody has the same questions about their ventures, but each one answers it differently & knowing how they do it, is a great learning experience”.

Pankaj Krishna, CEO, Chrome DM, who is also a CBA Investor, shared “It was refreshing to hear ideas round the table and a pleasure to see globally scalable business models being built using technology as a backbone to address consumer needs”.

The general view of the evening was that ventures in India are also moving away from the IPO route towards an exit via an acquisition. The key take away of the event was building startups with an eye on exit.

However, in all cases, timing is key, as Kaushal quoted “If I knew when to Exit, I would have made Billions!

16th January 2015: Startup2Startup Mumbai – Building Value to Exit

CBA is officially launching Startup2Startup in Mumbai, India on 16th January 2015.

The theme of the event is Building Value to Exit, where the audience would be a mix of 60 entrepreneurs and investors. The event will take place at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

The agenda of the event is:

7:15 PM – Registrations
7:30 PM – Introduction to Startup2Startup by Kaushal Chokshi, President, Scaale Group
7:45 PM – Panel Discussion on Building Value to Exit
8:15 PM – Q&A
8:30 PM – Round Table Discussions
9:00 PM – Dinner and Networking

The Panel will comprise of;

Kaushal Chokshi, President of the Scaale Group and a Serial Entrepreneur based out of Silicon Valley

David Costa, CEO of Everis Group, UK and a CBA Member & Angel Investor

Akash Sureka, Founder & CEO of Hoopz Planet Info (Now sold to Persistent Systems) and the Business Head at Persistent Systems

Nived Dinesh, India Head, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund (PALF)

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Startup2Startup Partners with CBA


Startup2Startup is glad to announce CBA as its Partner. This partnership will allow Startup2Startup to launch in India and UK through CBA’s platform.

CBA announced the launch of Startup2Startup in Mumbai through a pre-launch event on 7th November 2014. The event was attended by a focused group of CBA Members and Entrepreneurs who discussed Best Practices of Angel Investment from Silicon Valley. CBA is officially launching Startup2Start in Mumbai, India on 16th January 2015, where the agenda would be to have a Panel Discussion on Building Vale to Exit, followed by a Q&A session and Round Table Discussions among 60 Entrepreneurs and Investors.

About CBA

CBA is the first international investment network specialized in investing in international companies. CBA is an investment network with more than 150 members around the world, interested in investing in international companies from USA, Europe, LATAM and Asia. Our mission is to present great international deal flow to our members. To do so, CBA screens and selects 5 – 10 opportunities to invest in, selected from over 100 companies every month.

With a presence in over 12 innovation hubs globally, we are the trusted partners for our members, allowing CBA investors to monitor and follow up with their companies around the world with our local teams and online platform.

CBA belongs to Scaale Inc., a group of companies working with over 100 clients around the world, with offices in 5 continents and a team of 300+ international professionals. Our mission is to help companies strategically become micro-multinationals by applying global context through our four pillars: Innovation, Sales, Capital, and Talent.

Prelaunch of Startup2Startup in India

S2S Mumbai Event

CBA announced the pre-launch of Startup2Startup (S2S) in Mumbai, India through an event on 7th November 2014. The event was attended by a focused group of CBA Members and Entrepreneurs who discussed Best Practices of Angel Investment from Silicon Valley. Kaushal Chokshi, Chairman of the Scaale Group and Marta Emerson, CBA Manager, opened the discussion by sharing their experience of investing in the West.

The round table deliberated on various models of angel investment that have evolved from the West and how they are becoming increasingly exit oriented. Ventures in India are also moving away from the IPO route towards an exit via an acquisition. A few takeaways from the discussion were;

1. To Invest or not to Invest? The time to validate an idea in India is much higher when compared to the same in Silicon Valley. Investors in the West get on board for an idea much faster than other countries.

2. Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth! Best practice for an angel round would be to have a Lead Investor on board, who would represent the angels on the Board of the company and also work actively with the startup in obtaining its objectives for a successful exit.

3. Socialize! The entrepreneur and the investor should connect socially, outside the work environment to form a stronger bond.

4. Local or Glocal? Entrepreneurs everywhere are now coming out of their cocoon and spreading their wings to take on the global markets. If the product is indeed scalable to international markets, then get on board a local investor from that market to scale up.
Case-in-Point. One of the startups at the event in the education space at first targeted the local market. But once they went digital, they explored the opportunity of going international and applied to Startup Istanbul and other similar programs. Another Indian promoter spoke of his startup in EdTech, which was incubated in Chile, followed by an acceleration program in Estonia and how he is now targeting the global market.

5. Having an IP is a MUST! Investors highly encourage entrepreneurs to get rolling on obtaining the IP. An IP can help the startup monetize powerfully, increase the valuation and act as a strong differentiator from the competitors.

6. Financial or Strategic? To tackle this, entrepreneurs clearly need to understand the current stage of their business, funds required and what objectives can be achieved by pursuing a strategic and a financial investor. A vital difference between a strategic and a financial investor is that the former is focused on the startup’s growth and a faster exit, whereas the latter is focused on the ROI.

7. Investor A, B or C? In the event of multiple options available, it is recommended that an entrepreneur considers having on board an investor with whom they share the same frequency.

This was one of the few events where entrepreneurs had a neutral platform to exchange their views & challenges with the investors and understand their perspective.

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LIVE WEBCAST: Crafting Culture in your Startup

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